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Introduction As every year,[1] we have taken a closer look at the statistics that are available for arbitration proceedings at some of the most important arbitral institutions.[2] Over the last four years, the picture has always been the same: the number of proceedings was rising – in Europe, in the Americas as well as in Asia. This picture seems to have changed in 2021: some institutions have achieved new records, such as the ICSID. However,…

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of the Baker McKenzie International Arbitration Yearbook is now available. This 15th edition looks at key developments in arbitration from the last year in 46 jurisdictions, including: New arbitral rules from major institutions such as including ACICA, AFSA, AIAC, ICSID, JAMS, JCAA, SWISS, and UNCITRAL.The increasing use of artificial intelligence and technology in arbitration, such as electronic filing and case management platforms, as well as virtual/hybrid…