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We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of the Baker McKenzie International Arbitration Yearbook is now available. This 16th edition looks at key developments in arbitration from the last year in over 45 jurisdictions, including: New arbitral rules from major institutions including the AAA, CAM-CCBC, CEPANI, DIAC and the SCC The ongoing reform of arbitration legislation to reflect international best practice, with recent developments in Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Vietnam…

This is a book for you, dear in-house counsel. In-house counsel are generalists. In-house counsel need concise, accurate advice about special areas of law. In-house counsel are interested in substance, not in footnotes. In-house counsel lack the time to study academic treatises and lengthy court decisions. In-house counsel look for quick orientation and easy access to key information. All this is understood. That is why this book addresses 10 x 10 different topics subdivided in…